Love Kathmandu is based on a social business model.
100% of our profits go back to the local community. 
We support impact orientated charity projects operating
in the Kathmandu Valley. 


Child Street to School is a Swiss registered NGO working with Kathmandu street children. Child Street to School works with street children to reintegrate the children back into society.  

Monika Cevis the Swiss founder  and current director of the Child Street to School program. Monikas experience working with refugees has enabled the charity to move swiftly and achieve sustained positive outcomes for the street children in Kathmandu.

Child Street to School currently operates a drop in center, education and social programs, provides meals and a night shelter. The NGO has also developed and operates, for those children who have graduated their reintegration program, two school boarding accommodation centers. 

Love Kathmandu is exceptionally proud to be given the opportunity to support this organisation.